[MS4W-Users] version 3.1.0

Björn Danielsson bjorn.danielsson at falubo.se
Mon Oct 5 10:51:21 EDT 2015


I am trying to migrate from 3.0.6 to 3.1.1 and have encountered issues.

It started with Oracle. I swapped libmap.dll as instructed and uncommented 
php_oci8_11g.php in the ini-file ( like for version 3.0.6 ) and restarted 
Apache. The same Oracle/instantclient_11_2 as before.
And php_mapserver.dll did not load.
I commented php_oci8_11g.php and swapped back libmap.dll. Php_mapserver.dll 

A look in error.log showed a lot of -  PHP Warning:  PHP Startup:  in 
Unknown on line 0:

I commented all extensions and started uncomment them one by one from the 
top. At php_mbstring.dll the errors started to show up in error.log. 
Php_mbstring.dll obviously calls modules that do not exist.
I stopped testing here. Something seems to be missing. But what?

In 3.1.0 the includes in Path does not include 'C:'. I have not changed the 
Path in my computer so the includes start with C:\ms4w... instead of 
\ms4w.... That is the only difference between the 3.0.6-installation and the 
3.1.0-installation. I do not believe that this is the issue because 
php_mapscript.dll, php_curl.dll and other dlls are found in /php/ext.

This happened in a Windows7 test computer with the plan to be installed in a 
prod computer under Windows Server 2012R2.

The Mapserver graphics in 3.1.0 looks better than that in 3.0.6 so hopefully 
we can migrate to 3.1.0.

I have tried everything my phantasy has come up with and am still at loss.
Perhaps someone with a broader phantasy then mine knows what is going on.

On the Internet someone mentioned that PostGis perhaps can be the villain. I 
don't know.

First I would like to get rid of the error messages in error.log and then 
include php_oci8_11g.dll.

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