[MS4W-Users] version 3.1.0

Björn Danielsson bjorn.danielsson at falubo.se
Mon Oct 5 11:43:00 EDT 2015

I have used phpinfo() and mapscript is not included.


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As a followup, if this was me I would do a fresh install, follow the
Oracle plugin steps exactly from
http://www.ms4w.com/README_INSTALL.html#d-plugins, then I would do a
phpinfo() call and review what is returned. Is PHPMapScript listed?  Are
there any additional extensions/modules not listed there that you need
for your production server?

If you discover something missing, then you can request that on the
issue tracker directly.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

On 2015-10-05 12:15 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hi Björn,
> Regarding setting up the Oracle plugin for MapServer, please follow the
> steps in your local README, or here:
> http://www.ms4w.com/README_INSTALL.html#d-plugins
> You will notice that there is no mention of "php_oci8_11g.php" in those
> steps to enable the Oracle plugin for MapServer, I am not sure where you
> saw that mentioned for version 3.1.0
> It could be that you are requesting an enhancement for the PHP build of
> MS4W 3.1.0? It could be that you need a new extension built for PHP? (I
> have no idea yet though) I am not sure what you are requesting, but if
> that is what you need you can always file your enhancements on the
> Tracker at http://www.ms4w.com/trac/
> I need more information from you first, to understand what you need to
> do.  Are you saying that there is a PHP extension missing?  I am not
> sure.  Maybe just following the steps in the README (only those steps),
> and then test phpmapscript (don't uncomment anything else), does that
> work?  If yes, that's great, PHPMapScript is working on your server.
> Then, I am not sure what you need after that.  Please explain.
> -jeff

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