[MS4W-Users] version 3.1.2 available

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sat Jan 30 16:07:37 EST 2016

Hello everyone,

MS4W version 3.1.2 is now available at http://www.ms4w.com  Notable 
changes are:

	- upgraded MapServer and MapScript to 7.0.1-dev
	- upgraded GDAL to 2.0.2 (trac ticket 36)
	- upgraded Apache to 2.4.18 (trac ticket 35)
	- disabled “expose_php” in php.ini (trac ticket 33)
	- upgraded the CA bundle file in Apacheconfca-bundle
	- upgraded JPEG support to 9b
	- upgraded libPNG support to 1.6.21
	- upgraded libTIFF support to CVS-head-01262016
	- upgraded GeoTIFF support to SVN-trunk-01252016
	- upgraded PROJ.4 support to 4.9.2 (trac ticket 17)
	- upgraded PostgreSQL support to 9.5.0
	- upgraded GEOS support to SVN-trunk-01272016
	- upgraded libxml2 support to 2.9.3
	- upgraded Freetype support to 2.6.2
	- upgraded Pixman support to 0.32.8
	- upgraded Cairo support to 1.14.6
	- upgraded Poppler support to 0.39.0
	- upgraded OpenSSL support to 1.0.2f (trac ticket 37)
	- upgraded CURL support to 7.47.0
	- upgraded NetCDF support to 4.4.0
	- upgraded HarfBuzz support to 1.1.3

This release is especially critical because of a reported issue with 
Apache's "REDIRECT_URL" capabilities, as well as this week's security 
release of the OpenSSL library (see tickets referenced above).

Please don't be afraid to also provide feedback and requests through the 
MS4W tracker (so the comments and requests are not lost or forgotten): 

Thank you all for sharing your spatial information with MS4W.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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