[MS4W-Users] version 4.0.1 released

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Aug 26 05:42:34 EDT 2019

Hello everyone,

MS4W 4.0.1 is now available, which contains many security updates, as 
well as a few important changes.  Get it now at https://ms4w.com

Please see MS4W's HISTORY.txt for all of the changes, but here are some 
of the highlights:

- upgraded MapServer and MapScript (CSharp, Java, Python, PHP) to 
today’s 7.6.0-dev (also due to potential XSS vulnerability)
- disabled Pixman support in MapServer build, as it prevents Opacity 
(trac ticket 218)
- upgraded PHP to 7.2.21 (trac ticket 213)
- upgraded GDAL to 2.4.2 (trac ticket 195)
- upgraded Apache HTTP Server to 2.4.41 (trac ticket 206)
- upgraded MapCache to today’s 1.9dev (trac ticket 222)
- upgraded OpenSSL support to 1.1.1c (trac ticket 191)
- upgraded cURL support to 7.65.1
- upgraded NetCDF support to 4.7.0 (trac ticket 193)
- upgraded GEOS support to 3.7.2 trac ticket 214)
- rebuilt RT Topology Library
- upgraded libxml2 support to 2.9.9
- upgraded Freetype support to 2.10.1
- upgraded PostgreSQL support to 11.4 with SSL enabled (ticket 196)
- upgraded HDF5 support to 1.10.5
- upgraded SQLite support to 3.28.0
- rebuilt SpatiaLite support
- rebuilt spatialite-tools
- upgraded libPNG support to 1.6.37 (trac ticket 221) due to potential 
- upgraded Pixman support to 0.38.4
- upgraded Cairo support to 1.16.0
- rebuilt Poppler support
- upgraded HarfBuzz support to 2.5.3
- rebuilt libSVG support
- rebuilt libSVG-Cairo support
- updated cURL certificates bundle
- rebuilt mod_fcgid
- rebuilt Apache H264 Streaming Module
- upgraded osm2pgsql commandline utility to today’s git master
- rebuilt php_ogr extension
- upgraded Shapelib support to 1.5.0 (trac ticket 192)
- rebuilt shp2tile utility
- set “sys_temp_dir” in php.ini (trac ticket 204)
- upgraded APR support to 1.7.0
- added /Python/Scripts/ to PATH in setenv.bat (trac ticket 225)
- copied GDAL’s python module into /Apache/cgi-bin/ (trac ticket 223)
- and many more...

When installing, it is very important that (if you are using the .zip) 
your server must have the C++ Redistributable installed on it 
beforehand: execute the local file /ms4w/tmp/vcredist_x86.exe 
(alternatively if you use MS4W's setup.exe installer this is done 

As always please provide your requests for enhancements and issues 
through the MS4W tracker (so the feedback is not lost or forgotten): 
https://ms4w.com/trac/  You can also contact me directly for support.

Thank you all for sharing your spatial information with MS4W !!

"MS4W: open doors and as well as windows"


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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