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Hi Jeff, 
thank you for pointing that out. I will soon put all code snippets with the old and new mapscript versions next to each other and make them available in the list or in the wiki.
 I also try to organize funds from my customers to push the further development. 
Have a nice weekend too 

Von meinem Android-Gerät gesendet.

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Added onto the wiki at: https://ms4w.com/trac/wiki/WMSWrapper



Thank you for using MS4W.
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Jeff McKenna
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On 2019-05-10 1:01 PM, Jeff McKenna via MS4W-Users wrote:
> Hi,
> Great to see your test scripts.  Could you add them in the "Additional 
> Notes, Tips" section of the wiki?  https://ms4w.com/trac
> I haven't tested your code, but there was a recent change in the 
> MapServer source that will be included in the next MapServer release: 
> see 
> https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/pull/5778/files#diff-127c91f36292dd4e75e861fb07c29f1f 
> If your organization can help fund the next MS4W release with the next 
> MapServer version and all of its many necessary changes, and help things 
> move along and become available for the whole community, definitely 
> please let me know and contact me directly.
> Hope that info helps you.  Have a nice weekend,
> -jeff
> \
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