Issues while installing MS4W

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Fri Aug 7 07:08:54 EDT 2020

Hello all!


I hope anybody can help me..


I am trying to setup my personal MS4W mapserver but facing some issues
related to the database, I guess.


I used the HowTo


When it come to mapfile creation then I see the map file containing table
names like e.g. osm_buildings instead of osm_new_buildings.

In the Postgres DB they are all with _new_ hence I changed all table name
entries in the map file to include _new_ manually but I get error messages.


Manually changing this worked on a test laptop with a small set
(germany-latest.osm.pbf) but it does not work on my main machine where I
want to get europe-latest.osm.bz2 in place.


I get  similar errors when I test with shp2img.


The errors are related to memory but I don´t believe thatthis is really the
problem also as I have 16GB RAM installed and ist not utilized more than

Hence I guess it has to do with the tables or so.


No other errors popped up while working through the HowTo.  


Some specs:

Windows 10

I7 -3520 2.9

2TB SSD drive 50% utilized



PostgreSQL 10

MS4W 4.0.3


I hope anybody can give me a steer on where to look..


Thanks a lot and regards,






[Thu Aug  6 09:17:38 2020].83000 CGI Request 1 on process 6400

[Thu Aug  6 09:17:38 2020].86000 msDrawMap(): rendering using outputformat
named png (AGG/PNG).

[Thu Aug  6 09:29:31 2020].747000 msPostGISLayerWhichShapes(): Error (out of
memory for query result

) executing query: select "name"::text,ST_AsBinary(("geometry"),'NDR') as
geom,"osm_id"::text from (select geometry,osm_id, name as name from
osm_new_buildings) as foo where "geometry" &&
3202053.95495146,-8970456.38311057 19593253.9036238,7420743.56556178
19593253.9036238,7420743.56556178 3202053.95495146,-8970456.38311057

[Thu Aug  6 09:29:31 2020].748000 msPostGISLayerWhichShapes(): Query error.
Error executing query. Check server logs

[Thu Aug  6 09:29:31 2020].748000 msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed
to draw layer named 'buildings3'.



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