[MS4W-Users] Performance of Shapefiles vs File Geodatabases

Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
Fri Jun 5 17:10:01 EDT 2020


I would like to know if Shapefiles or File Geodatabase perform better using MS4W.  It is my impression that in most software File Geodabases offer better speed when using the ESRI File Geodatase format, however the Open File Geodatabase driver that is used by MS4W cannot take advantage of Spatial Indexes which makes it effectively slower.

*         Am I correct that Shapefiles draw faster than File Geodatabases, especially when indexes are used?  I cannot remember if the difference is significant or not.

*         In ArcGIS you can set the resolution of a File Geodatabase Layer to a higher number for generalized features.  Can we do the same in shapefiles (if it even matters)?

*         I noticed the GDAL driver reads ESRI shapefile indexes as well as .qix indexes.  Is this true for MS4W, Which is faster?  I am just trying to decide if I should create a QIX file if the shapefile already has a spatial index.


Mark Volz, GISP

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