[MS4W-Users] Raster Data on CDN?

Brent Fraser bfraser at GeoAnalytic.com
Mon Jun 22 11:22:45 EDT 2020

You could experiment  MapServer's remote file ability:
 which uses GDAL's virtual files system for networked files:
 Best Regards,
 Brent Fraser
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> Subject: [MS4W-Users] Raster Data on CDN?
> We have a few big SID files and are displaying them pretty basic
> (example below) but we are concerned about space on our C drive and I
> was asked if we could point to a file on a private CDN (like Amazon or
> RackSpace) and host the source files there.  I've not seen that done so
> I wanted to see if that was possible and if it created a performance hit
> if it was possible.
> If that's not an option, we can add a new hard drive to the PC with
> MS4W, and I'm also curious if having the SID file on a different drive
> is the same performance wise or not.
> Here's our basic MAP file LAYER:
>     NAME 'base_sid'
>     DATA "c:/data/FILE.sid"
>     STATUS off
>     TYPE raster
>         "init=epsg:3857"
>     END
> Thanks!
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